Magazine Project

Issue One: Alone Together (2011)

The inaugural issue of Mossless was a box containing four books, two posters, an essay leaflet, as well as stickers and buttons (and for some, a t-shirt as well). The opening essay, Alone Together, was penned by curator Susan Bright. Each of the four books represented different young New York City-based photographers, Alana Celii, Bobby Doherty, Brea Souders and Sean Vegezzi. Issue One was created as an edition of 500 and was launched at Printed Matter. It was later exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art Library’s Millenium Magazines exhibit.

Issue Two: Swimming in the Center of the Earth (2012)

This inkjet-printed edition of 100 book was released at the New York Art Book Fair. It was a delicate and small book that focused on the role of the internet in the conciousness of contemporary artmaking. It featured a smattering of artists (photographers as well as painters) in a variety of features, including a curatorial featurette by Winslow Laroche and a special final feature on David Brandon Geeting. An additional vellum trifold was produced for pre-orders.

Issue Three: The United States (2003-2013) (2014)

Our most significant effort (shown here in its entirety), Issue Three was a sweeping survey of contemporary (and emerging) photography of America, featuring artists like Bryan Schutmaat, Vanessa Winship, Daniel Shea, Dana Lixenberg, Thomas Prior, Ilona Szwarc and over 100 more. The book’s carefully composed sequence of over 500 selected photographs meanders through themes, beginning in the desert and ending deep in the metropolis. A smart fundraising campaign, supported by Vice Magazine, made it possible to print this book at an edition of 2500. A set of four risograph and inkjet (mixed pages) zines were also produced for the campaign. This book was listed as a top photobook of 2014 by Time Magazine.

Issue Four: Public/Private/Secret (2016)

In collaboration with Charlotte Cotton and the International Center for Photography for their new space on 250 Bowery, Mossless produced this ambitious book about portraiture and privacy at an edition of 800. With an eye-catching reflective cover and perforated pages, the book featured dozens of unique projects from a wide cast of international photographers. Of all our books, this contained the most text by far, as each project was complemented by a unique conversation or commissioned essay, alongside additional pieces and poems. This was Mossless’ final project (for now).